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At RVS we offer both embryo and semen storage. Our embryo storage is fully qualified CFIA export eligible. Along with storing frozen genetics we also offer tank storage for our clients. The client tanks are monitored closely and filled accordingly.  

  • How many days postpartum do I have to wait to flush my donor?
    Donor should be a minimum of 60 days postpartum on flush day. Cows should have received all pre breeding vaccinations a minimum of 30 days prior to collection. All donor animals should be on a rising plane of nutrition in the postpartum period.
  • How often can my donor be flushed?
    Donors can be flushed every 30-35 depending on their post flush heat, however if time is not a factor we will typically schedule donors every 45 days.
  • How many embryos on average do you get from conventional flushing?
    In our facility we are averaging 6.4 grade 1 freezable quality embryos per beef donor. Results can vary depending on individual cows performance ability as some cows may give zero freezable embryos, and our current record is 42 Grade 1 freezable.
  • What is the conception rate of fresh and frozen conventional embryos?
    Typically we tell clients that your embryo conception rate should be roughly 5% lower than your farms AI conception rate. On frozen embryos a typical average is 50-55% and fresh embryos should be 5-10% higher at 60-65% conception rate.


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